Fast Activated Abs Workout For Core


Designed by Valerie Zeller

Activate your abs in this quick core workout. There aren't a lot of breaks, so tighten up and give it your best effort with as many reps as your abdominals can muster during each exercise. In this ab workout, we'll guide you along with exercise videos and the audio coaching you love. And, if you like this workout, we challenge you to complete our 6 Pack Toned Abs Program.

Type: Bodyweight, Calisthenic, Casual

Duration: 10 minutes

Equipment: No Equipment

Difficulty: Moderate

Target Muscles: Abs, Hamstrings, Glutes, Obliques, Lower Abs, Upper Abs

Fast Activated Abs Workout For Core
How to use the Workout Widget?
  1. See that big round button to the right of an exercise name? This is a repetitions counter. Click it a couple of times to select the number of repetitions that you completed once you finish a set.
  2. See that Workout Timer? Press "Play" to start the timer and press "Stop" when you're done training.
  3. Press "Log Workout" button to save your resulsts and track your progress in your account later!

🗒 Set 1

50 sec × Hollow Body Hold
30 sec × Bicycle Crunches
Rest 20 seconds

🗒 Set 2

60 sec × Leg Lift
60 sec × V-Sit Crunches
60 sec × Superman Exercise
Rest 15 seconds
50 sec × Oblique Crunches
Rest 10 seconds

🗒 Set 3

20 sec × Side Bend

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