Fat Burning Workout For Legs


Designed by Valerie Zeller

Consistent and steady cardio is the word here. Don't kill it until the last 5 minutes of the workout where you can blast whatever energy you've got left. Consider this your alternative to an easy jog, but with a little more variation on movement. There are no scheduled breaks, but you can pause and rest when you need to. Let's go!

Type: Bodyweight, Calisthenic, Cardio

Duration: 30 minutes

Equipment: No Equipment

Difficulty: Basic, Easy, Simple

Target Muscles: Abs, Calves, Hamstrings, Quadriceps, Obliques

Fat Burning Workout For Legs
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🗒 Set 1

🗒 Set 2

60 sec × Jazz Kick
45 sec × Fast Feet
60 sec × Rapid Punches

🗒 Set 3

45 sec × Butt Kicks
40 × Cross Jack
45 sec × Pogo Hops

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