Best 3 Workouts For Buttocks

by Valerie Zeller

5 minutes of fun! 1-minute rounds of these 5 simple ab exercises. Don’t forget to warm up beforehand and stretch afterward. Log your reps if you want to compare your progress. Challenge yourself and try to squeeze in a few extras next time.

Activate your abs in this quick core workout. There aren't a lot of breaks, so tighten up and give it your best effort with as many reps as your abdominals can muster during each exercise. In this ab workout, we'll guide you along with exercise videos and the audio coaching you love. And, if you like this workout, we challenge you to complete our 6 Pack Toned Abs Program.

This 10-minute bodyweight workout is all about balance and stabilization. Get in touch with the more balanced you. Feel free to keep doing this workout until you have perfected it.