Best 4 Pilates Workouts

by Valerie Zeller

Kick it up a notch with this mid-section workout. We've drawn from some of our fave pilates and yoga moves to create a core tightening & glute-kickin' workout for you...spare tire optional ;-) Many moves help improve your flexibility and balance too. So get off your tush and make a mid-line dash to your exercise mat!

Take 15 Min and open your mind to a leaner core...this Pilates-inspired workout conditions your abs in a unique way and we certainly think you'll like it! Before you start, get an exercise mat set up and feel free to skip the running shoes. No equipment required.

Floor exercises for your booty. I use my heavy resistance loop band.

Become a lean machine with this quick full body Pilates style workout. Grab an exercise mat and let's get going. Start with a basic warm-up to get your blood flowing, then move into some more difficult moves.