Best 4 Push And Pull Workouts

by Valerie Zeller

This *brutal* test piece starts off with the fundamental bird dog and then quickly escalates to harder plank and power moves. Crest through the 'crux' of the workout by holding a plank, then work your way back down the pyramid of challenging poses. Push it like a bird dog!

Here is a High Intensity Interval Training workout that will leave you dripping with sweat. HIIT workouts are as intense as you make them, so don't waste time, give it all you've got. Go hard, but keep good form, especially when you are pushing through round 6 of the set. Let's HIIT it.

No equipment needed! This one is a bit strong in the hip flexors, so it will help augment the overall core. Make sure to keep your form correct. Your job: do as many reps with good form as you possibly can in the 20 seconds of exercise - push it hard! Then rest. The goal is to go all out and use the rest periods to transition and relax. Studies show that this type of interval training maintains a residual cardio effect that boosts calorie burning longer than traditional cardio.

All movements at 2121 tempo - 2 second movement, 1 second puase, two second movement. Targeting strength in full range of movement to build pull to push transition. Each movement to maximum range - pushup lower to chest 1 mm off floor - rows with rings bringing hands as deepto armpits as possible.