Best 4 Yoga Workouts

by Valerie Zeller

Wake up and begin your day with empowering stretches that will invigorate your muscles and mind. Play some inspiring tunes while you go through this stretching workout. Grab your yoga mat or complete on a towel. End off with a few surprise crunches!

In this Yoga-inspired workout, you will focus on perfecting the following arm balances: Crane, Headstand, Bridge to Wheel.

Blast calories and build flexibility by incorporating this routine into your weekly workout schedule. This yoga practice nicely complements your regular weight loss workouts to stretch and relax your muscles, prevent injury and keep you working towards your goals.

The idea with this workout is to slowly improve your range of motion by repeating the exercises and lengthening the time spent doing them gradually. Both active and passive stretching are employed in this workout. Don't force any poses, just let your body guide you to where it feels good, and try to take long, relaxed breaths.