Best 5 Workouts For Legs

by Valerie Zeller

Full Body Challenges are the best tests of your overall fitness! Evaluate your own fitness today by completing this total body 12 minute challenge. Test yourself again in a month and compare how you feel! Grab some water and get to your test!

Legs, butt, ab workout

While there's a time for 'Beast Mode', remember to compliment your training with rest & relaxation. Stay limber, prevent injuries, and feel great with these relaxing stretches. This mini-workout also helps improve your blood flow and posture. Enjoy some of the best stretching exercises under the sun today!

Here is a great ab workout that I have tried and tested. I love the burn and I'm sure you will too!

This ain't your grandma's workout. If you're serious about eliminating arm flab and building newsworthy muscle definition, do this INTENSE workout! Many exercises are delivered back-to-back with weighted moves followed by low-intensity bodyweight moves. Grab a pair of dumbbells or soup cans. If anything feels too intense, do child's pose.