Best 5 Workouts For Weight Loss

by Valerie Zeller

This 10-min fat blaster can be done anywhere, anytime! Get your heart rate up with a great mix of dynamic exercises and floor moves.

Biceps, triceps, chest and back

Challenge your total body today in 9 minutes! Combine your core, legs, and upper body to test your strength and maybe find out your weakness. Use this challenge to evaluate what you should focus on improving in your upcoming workouts.

This ain't your grandma's workout. If you're serious about eliminating arm flab and building newsworthy muscle definition, do this INTENSE workout! Many exercises are delivered back-to-back with weighted moves followed by low-intensity bodyweight moves. Grab a pair of dumbbells or soup cans. If anything feels too intense, do child's pose.

Grab a variable weighted barbell and get set up with your own personal light, moderate, and max weights by your side. If you're unsure of your technique, get a trainer to inform you about the correct posture for these kinds of exercises.