Best 5 Workouts With Barbell

by Valerie Zeller

It's the last day at muscle beach! Today is double duty - we're going to target your arms and core. You're going to need a barbell (if you have one), some dumbbells, and focus to get through this one. Let's get ready for the gun show!

A flexible weight circuit routine that uses a single barbell for all exercises. No need to change the weight or equipment. Pick a moderate weight appropriate to your level of conditioning.

Pick a comfortable weight for this Tabata barbell complex. Focus on maintaining good rhythm and proper spinal alignment. Perform as many reps as you can in each 20 second set.

Get a great lower body workout in while smashing your cardio goals. You'll need a moderate weighted barbell and resistance band for this one, so get everything ready before you hit 'Start'!

10 reps x 4 exercises x 4 sets