Best 5 Workouts With Kettlebells

by Valerie Zeller

Pump up your glutes with this kettlebell workout. This routine will lift, round, and shape up your butt. Grab a moderate and heavy weighted kettlebell, let's get started!

From Turkish Get-Ups to Bulgarian Split Squats, take a quick trip around the world with this 10-minute kettlebell workout.

Ready to kill this lower body workout with the help of your trusted kettlebell friend? Go light on the weights with this one, it's supposed to be a casual session that helps you focus on technique and build strength to progress over time.

This is a simple yet effective HIIT workout for those of you looking for a quick cardio burst before your strength training sessions. You'll need a jump rope, a box or step, and a kettlebell to complete this workout. If you don't have access to this kind of equipment at a gym, just find alternatives to use around the house.

Some people might not be able to hold a weight overhead due to injury or other issues. Their routine replaces the Turkish Get Up with lunges.

Once your issue is resolved, you should do the Simple & Sinister routine as described by Pavel Tsatsouline.

Always check with your physician before you start a new regimen, especially if you have injuries.